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Soul Healing


Online Inner Healing Learning Cirlces+ Retreats for BIWOC Leaders


Men's Retreat- April 2024!!

How Circles Help

Do you crave a private safe space to connect with other healing female leaders?

Do you struggle to find confidence and comfort in your body?


Are you seeking the path to a greater and more True U?

Perfect. You're in the right place. Read on!


Before working together,

I believe in building a connection first. Follow me @tiptheworld on social media for inspo & encouragement.



I provide 1 on 1 advising and group workshops around emotional healing, nervous system regulation,

Christian growth + gifts. 

Need A Speaker- Contact Me!

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Resiliency and self-improvement require community.

Real community. Get connected for support, service,

and gatherings.


What I Do

I help spiritually interested women overcome fear, find healing, and

cultivate their gifts for the greatest impact through

1 on 1 advising, group workshops, motivational chats,

and communal healing events + retreats.


Don't Give Up!

  • You can keep scrolling through your social feeds and become more and more disillusioned and depressed by the myriad of "success" stories.

  • You can continue hiding behind your perceived failures. 

  • OR you can get guided into your greatness by working with me 1 on 1, in group circles, or retreats.




Soul Healing Learning Circles
 Next Session: June 2024 (IN-PERSON)

Image by Compare Fibre

Sit back and relax into my six-session healing + growth circles 

from the privacy of your home, where I lay out the roadmap to get you from an unsettled superstar to a calm, confident leader.


Transform with others and unite with your circle at my annual retreats

for more healing, support, and community.

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