True U 

Inner Healing Labs for Leaders

Interactive coed courses for somatic healing,
spiritual growth, and self-discovery.

Not your average inner healing class!

Common Room


Are Leader Labs right for you?

Are you seeking a more authentic self and community?

Have you been feeling unfilled or abandoned the church or religion?


 Are you seeking a roadmap to your self-healing + personal growth journey?

Don't worry, you're not alone.

Keep reading!


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Transformation takes time-

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Next Retreat: July '23

What I Do

Using my expertise in Transformational Life Coaching,

Pastoral Counseling and Trauma-Informed Somatic Intervention,

I lead prodigal professionals in

private group workshops + retreats on emotional healing, mindset shift and

spiritual growth- setting them on their road to TRUE greatness. 


Don't Journey 


July + Aug '22

For Men & Women

With the many challenges life brings, there's hardly time to breathe...

Trust me, it's worth taking the time to heal.


Don't go another day stuffing down core wounds, polishing your exterior person, and pretending to be ok. 


Don't stay in the same place, move from procrastination to your future destination with ot today!!

Course Offerings

There's no need to be nervous or intimidated.

Enjoy chill, interactive, bite-sized monthly 

2.5-hour courses with other hand-picked professionals, in person!


Preview our July 16th Tampa course offerings below.

  • Fire Side Local Leader Chat, Q&A, Breakout Sessions, + Educational Lesson and Demonstration | 1st Saturday

  • 1 Group Outing or Community Dinner | 3rd Saturday

  • Somatic Healing Kit (blindfold, candle/incense) & Manual

  • 6 Somatic  Practices for optimal in-group grounding + relaxation

  • Spiritually Inspired Growth Lessons (Christian Based but Open to All)

  • Take Away Journal prompts for reflexive self-discovery and transformational healing

  • Plus- A FREE 30 min Goal Setting Coaching Call, LIVE Q&As + accountability to help you stay committed & on track

  • Finish your labs with my signature group healing retreat!

Free by Invite Courses

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Next Session: Sat July 16th & Aug 6th, 2022 @ Capitol One Cafe, Hyde Park


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